About us

Best IAS coaching in Chandigarh.

Simran IAS Academy is one of the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh. We are  the next step game changers for all budding Civil services exam aspirants. Who are  preparing for the toughest challenge of their lives . Our goal is to provide Superior quality IAS coaching  to the candidates.

We are a Group of Veteran IAS exam aspirants, who want the next generation of  aspirants to learn from their mistakes and succeed to become an IAS officer.

Preparing for IAS exam means Big dream which requires setting your passion into Fire.

Simran IAS Academy  is the right place to prepare for the top job in the country. We provide the right kind of guidance study material and coaching to our students to achieve their dreams. We have managed to engage some of the finest and top people, consisting of UPSC veterans, retired IAS officers and Judges to help you prepare for the tough challenge of IAS . It is a perfect blend of youth and maturity.

Our  IAS Team consists of

  1. Simran Sir   (IAS Geography Topper in all major competitive exams)
  2. Pamel Preet  (IAS Current Affairs Specialist)
  3. Abhishek Anand & B S Rana (IAS Public administration for IAS Expert)
  4. Tavleen Kaur  (IAS History optional for IAS Genius)
  5. Abhinav Bali  (Indian Economy Expert)
  6. Sukhwinder Kaur (Science Technology)
  7. Simranjeet Singh (Constitutional & Legal Expert)
  8. Kashish Grover  (Academic Head)
  9. Tavleen Kaur  (Sociology optional for IAS)
  10. Rohit Sharma  (Csat for IAS)

Every one of us have years of experience into UPSC IAS exam styling and pattern. We regularly update our IAS study material , Our style is different and is a quick learning mechanism which saves time and energy of the candidate . Its an open challenge to any of the IAS coaching institute to try and compete us in performance & Quality .

Understanding your capability and draft is the essence of preparation. Evaluation through testing is a major challenge. We provide an All India level platform for testing . IAS Exam coaching is all about being disciplined and consistent. We wish all civil services aspirants all the very best in life .

We are among the very Best IAS coaching institutes in Chandigarh.